Short Cuts Craft Online Store Payment System - Payfast

We’ve taken the pain out of payment by using the PayFast payment gateway here on the Short Cuts Online Store. As the name suggests, it makes paying for your crafting supplies faster than ever, giving you more time to get stuck into your latest project.

PayFast is the safe and easy way to make secure online payments. Now all you have to do, is worry about hiding the receipts from your partner so they’ll never know how much you spent on crafting!

PayFast lets you instantly transfer money to pay for the items you’ve chosen from our Online Store. With PayFast, we can accept Visa and MasterCard payments, giving you more options when you shop online. You can also make an Instant EFT payment with immediate verification and no need to send a proof of payment.

PayFast is also super-secure, keeping you safe from fraud when you shop online by protecting your personal and financial data.

In other words, pop goes the need for all that waiting and admin. You can just point and click, pay and craft!

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